130L carbonator

A 130 Litre Gas Cylinder is spare cylinder under licence, providing you with a constant supply of refreshment.  Keep a spare cylinder on hand so you always have an abundance of sparkling water on tap while you are exchanging your empties.
Please note this is an extra cylinder. If you are looking to exchange an empty cylinder and receive a gas refill, please purchase the 130 Litre Gas Cylinder Exchange . 


User License:


This is a legally binding document between Soda-Club (CO2) SA of Switzerland or its affiliates and the consumer regarding the right to use a SodaStream Cylinder (the "Cylinder").

To protect users’ safety and health, various directives and regulations govern and regulate the use, refilling, maintenance, retesting and repair of carbon dioxide pressure containers (cylinders).
SodaStream possesses the legally required knowledge and expertise to be responsible for strict legal compliance. This can only be guaranteed if the Cylinders are maintained, examined, retested and refilled by SodaStream. Thus, each Cylinder remains the property of Soda-Club (CO2) SA, or its affiliates, and is provided under license.
1.    When empty, please return the Cylinder to either SodaStream or an authorised SodaStream Retailer in exchange for a full Cylinder, for the price of the gas refill only. This License will continue to bind the use of each subsequent Cylinder. If you wish to return the Cylinder without exchanging it, please return to SodaStream for safe disposal.
2.    Refilling empty Cylinders by third parties could be extremely risky. Unauthorised refilling violates the law and SodaStream's rights. SodaStream warrants the safety only of Cylinders refilled by it, bearing a Soda-Club/SodaStream safety seal on the valve.
 3.    If you return the Cylinder to SodaStream or an authorized SodaStream Retailer, in good condition,  without exchanging it for a full one, a return fee of 2 EURO will be paid to you.
4.    The Cylinder, together with this User Licence, may be transferred to a third party provided the third party agrees to be obligated by the conditions and ownership rights expressed herein.  Possession of this User Licence proves the right of its holder to use one Cylinder under the terms herein.

The laws of Switzerland govern this Licence.  
For questions or comments, please contact SodaStream International BV, Minervum 7334, 4817 ZD Breda, The Netherlands.