How it Works

The SodaStream System

The SodaStream system gives you the freedom to make bubbly drinks just the way you like them! Better bubbles, made by you.

SodaStream has easy-to-use Drinks Makers to suit every countertop, and each machine comes with everything you need to begin making better bubbles right away!

Each Drinks Maker comes with either a plastic BPA-free carbonating bottle or a glass carbonating bottle. All of our bottles are safe, reusable and uniquely designed, so you can save up to 2000 bottles and cans a year using just one SodaStream bottle. Every Drinks Maker also comes with a Carbonatorthe refillable gas cylinder that puts the “make” in Drinks Maker and the bubbles in your beverage. To add delicious flavors to your bubbles, choose from our selection of over 100 better-for-you flavored Soda Mixes.

The SodaStream revolution is all about setting the bubbles free. Choose a home Drinks Maker that's right for you and begin making better bubbles today!

How do you get your bubbles just right?

Four simple steps to making your perfect bubbly beverage!

1. Fill 
2. Fizz    
3. Flavor   

So what are you waiting for? Fizz it your way today!